Healthy Lifestyle Quiz

It's interesting to talk in general about the health problems facing our youth. But what everyone really wants to know is, how is my son being affected? Let's find out where your son fits in. This quiz will give you an idea how his lifestyle compares to the US average.

1. How often is your son physically active?

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2. How often does your son have physical education class at school?

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3. How often do you involve your son in local recreational activities?

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4. How often do you walk with your son to school or take family walks?

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5. How often do you limit your son's television time?

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6. How often do you limit your sons's computer time?

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7. How often do you limit your son's video game time?

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8. How often does your son drink 8oz of water each day?

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9. How often do you join your son in physical activity?

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10. How often do you consider yourself a proper healthy lifestyle role model for your son?

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11. How often does your son eat fruit & vegetables each day?

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12. How often does your son get at least 8-10 hours of sleep per night?

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