Feeling disconnected from your son? Not as close as you once were? Wish you had a way to reset & rock the relationship? We help Dads connect with sons, through fitness and #Runversation. We are the #DadSquad!

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Latest Episodes

How to Prevent Kids Lying

If your kids are lying frequently, prevent it from continuing or even worsening with a few simple practices. Spotting lies is actually harder than simply stopping them in the first place. These lie-prevention techniques aren’t very obvious or intuitive, and you’ll...

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Challenging Your Kids to Run a 5k

There’s no better way to motivate your kids to adopt a healthy lifestyle than to challenge them to run a 5k. Here are some ideas on how to interest, convince, then excite them into joining you on the quest, #DadSquad! Your father-son relationship will hit a new PR as...

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Conversation Jenga Questions

Need some ideas for Jenga questions and conversation starters? These topics will up your Jenga-jitsu game, #DadSquad! If its a rainy day, and a #Runversation out on the trail with your son is out of the question, the next best thing is to have some family board game...

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