I don’t know about you, but for me… getting started was terrifying. I had so many questions that neither the parenting advice sites nor the running advice sites could answer. What answers I was finding on the internet were conflicting, incomplete, or just crazy in some cases (“If he says something hurts, just tell him to push through it“). “How can I convince my kids to try it out? How far and how fast should we go if they do? Is all of this just wishful thinking, can I really do it?”

What I needed then, was exactly what I’m now offering you now. Answers and encouragement to get you started. Inspiration from our growing community of dads, the #DadSquad.

Do me a favor: Down below tell me your #1 question (or three!). I promise to do my best to answer anything you guys can throw at me. While you’re there, why not post any answers you may have for somebody else? Thanks!

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