Feeling disconnected from your son? Not as close as you once were? Wish you had a way to reset & rock the relationship? We help Dads connect with sons, through fitness and #Runversation. We are the #DadSquad!

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You NEED to be a more fun dad

You NEED to be a more fun dad; it’s true. If you want to know how to be more interesting to your kids than their devices, #DadSquad, try these conversation starters. Out-entertaining is ultimately the only way to break through all the circus of modern distractions...

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Setting 2018 Running Goals

Are you setting your 2018 running goals? Have you and your kids made a resolution to run a 5k together this year, #DadSquad? I’ll share about how running with my son has helped me face the ghosts of past failures, and commit to conquering the same marathon that...

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How Soon Should Kids Start Running?

How soon should kids start running? I’ll give you the signs you should look for so you know when they’re ready to begin, as well as the recommended way to invite them to join you in way that doesn’t turn them off. I’ll also give some pointers on how to keep it fun for...

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Gratitude Training For Kids

Do your kids need a little training in gratitude instead of attitude? Are you wondering ‘How do I teach gratefulness?’ We collected up some golden advice from other parents, and will drop it for you right here, #DadSquad- just in time for the holiday season of giving…...

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Will MOST Kids Really Be Obese by Age 35?

Obese by age 35? Really? A new report predicts MOST of today’s kids will get there. We’ll talk about points made in (and missing from) the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health's Center for Health Decision Science, in Boston. More importantly, #DadSquad, we’ll...

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